Welcome to the Official Housing Booking Platforms for the 2017 UCI Road World Championships.

The Hotel booking platform is now closed. If you have a need for rooms, please contact us at for manual booking.

The motorhome & Caravan booking platform is still open.

We are holding space at some 40 hotels in the Bergen region during the period 16th to 24th September 2017. The hotels have been selected and presented in separate booking platforms acording to type of guests;

Leisure & fans:
The hotels made available to fans and leisure visitors are presented and made bookable through the ‘Leisure & Fans’ platform.

Motorhome booking:
Motorhome booking is now available from the menu bar.

Sport Teams:
The athlete teams need both ample parking, bike storage and easy access to the road networks, so we have identied those hotels who are best suited as sport team hotels and made them bookable through the ‘Sport Teams’ platform. This booking platform is secured by password. Please contact to retrieve it.

Press & Media:
The hotels designated to the accredited members of the media are presented and made bookable through the ‘Press & Media’ platform.

Hospitality clients:
The hotels designated to individuals and companies wanting to buy both tickets to the UCI Road World Championships and hotel rooms,  are administered by the Official Hospitality Partner –  Possibility AS. The ‘Hospitality Accommodation’ platform will direct you to their Hospitality website.

General payment conditions:
Due to the special conditions of the event, individual bookings are non-refundable and by way of credit card only. A credit card fee of approx 2,81% will be added to the booking at point of sale. Invoicing is only an option for bookings of more than 10 rooms.  Cancellation and attrition terms are on offer to group bookings only. More details can be viewed here.
All hotel rates given on these platforms are inclusive of 10% VAT, admin fee and breakfast.

In case of questions, please contact